Dutch BDSM

Dutch BDSM

The Kinky Side of Holland

Holland is the European centre of kinky activities and BDSM adventures. At Dutch BDSM we strive to give you a little peak behind the curtains of Amsterdam Dungeons, amateur BDSM activities in Den Haag and Rotterdam etc. We feature dutch bdsm movies and free european S/M photo galleries for your viewing pleasure as well as genuine travellers information on where to go and what to do in the wonderfully perverted country of Holland..

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  BDSM and The Law Dont be naughty without permission :-)

Visitors from countries oppressed by totalitarian regimes or leaderships who feel its their business to police peoples bedrooms - one of the worst examples being the UK, where they throw people in prison for being kinky - will be happy to learn that dutch bdsm laws are much more liberal and reasonable. In general terms consenting adults are allowed their pains and pleasures, various forms of public play are permitted as well but you need to check the local regulations before engaging in mad BDSM orgies in village centres and shopping malls :-)

Further BDSM pornography is fully allowed - again provided it is featuring consenting adults doing what they enjoy and showing it proudly to the world. In this sense, Holland is indeed a paradise for people with kinky desires and a craving to explore them. Please note that this is not proper legal advice, if you are having something specific in mind - check the law first - we are merely stating the "common kinkster" knowledge about how matters are treated in the netherlands.

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